All of Our Shadows – Trailer

Films. In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, the film follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy as he faces his fears and concerns. 

All of Us

This is a new groundbreaking campaign aiming to tackle the global rise in cultural and religious intolerance. 

True Stories 

True Stories is a six minutes film featuring seven filmed scenarios based on true cases of forced marriage, presented in a form of dramatized interviews.

Our Girl 

‘Our Girl’ is a three minute film aimed at getting communities talking and acting towards putting a stop to forced marriage. 

Secret Gardeners

A ground-breaking animated short film about the trafficking of children from Vietnam.

The True Story of Ghati & Rhobi

This is a five minute animated film aimed at raising awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM).


This film is beautifully and yet strongly portrays the severity and complexity of FGM using an embroidery metaphor to communicate this sensitively.

A Dangerous Journey

‘A Dangerous Journey’ (part funded by Comic Relief) warns young African women of the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics perpetrated by native doctors and false promises. 

My Body My Rules

Based on the film Needlecraft, My Body My Rules is a specially created version suitable for children and primary schools. 

Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls is a short animated film aimed directly at young women in Eastern Europe and other regions who are in danger of being sex trafficked. 

Eva Goes to Foreign

This animation was created with the aim of reducing the number of women drug-mules coming to the UK from the Caribbean and Africa.

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